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The fire monitor is fixed, manually-controlled, provides the flow rate 60 l/s, with foam eductor.

The fire monitor is applied for formation of straight and dispersed streams of extinguishing solution with adjustable spray angle.

The shielding screen device is designed to create a water curtain that protects the fireman from thermal radiation. The formed with the shielding screen water film and the droplet finely dispersed curtain provides effective protection of the fireman.

The fire monitors with foam eductor allow to receive foam immediate by foam solution eduction on the fire monitor directly into a water stream. Through the pipes or hose lines only water to the fire monitor with foam eductor is served. Proportioning supply of foam solution is carried out into the fire monitor by the foam eductor through a vacuum hose from a separate container. At the outlet pipe of the fire monitor a foam stream is formed, and by locking of the foam supply - straight or dispersed water stream.

The fire monitors with foam eductor allow to operate without expensive foam proportioning pump stations and are considered to be an effective mean of receiving of high-quality foam for the protection of oil and gas industry objects.


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