FR Engineering centre of fire robots technology
Fire robots and fire monitors
the basis for the modern
fire extinguishing

Operated project works

Preparing of design estimates of automatic installations of fire extinguishing (AIFE) for high-floored constructions, storages of fuels and lubricants and inflatable liquids - with application of robotized complexes RFC; installations of load platforms' fire extinguishing and wharfage by use of remote-controlled fire monitors LSD or oscillator devices.

Watering of protected area can be operated by foam of low ratio, compact, dispersed and fine-air water streams.

Design works on other types of automatic installations, including module and automatic installations of fire alarm.

The project can also include the following works:

  1. Pumping facility of water (foam) extinguishing.
    - technological part;
    - electric-technical part;
    - specifications for structural drawing, water supply, electricity supply.
  2. Automatic installation of fire alarm.
    - setting of alarm, which initiates extinguishing installation's start up;
    - installation of fire alarm, which protects units rooms without equipping with AIFE;
    - installation of hand-held fire annunciators;
    - connection with unit's other engineering systems (command signals, electricity supply).
  3. Technological part of AIFE project.
    - hydraulic calculation; - distribution of fire robots network, fire monitors, fire hoses, sprinkler and drencher sections and so on;
    - specifications for fire robots' and monitors' service floor.
  4. Electrotechnical project part.
    - schemes and placing of AIFE equipment;
    - connection with other engineering systems of the unit (command signals, electricity supply).
  5. The system of teleobservation.
    - Schemes of connections and placing of system equipment, it provides observation in case of fire.
  6. Estimate documents.

Besides the main activity, the design department provides following services:
- the choice of the best FR production application variant and project maintenance for the design departments;
- help in fire technology choice and placing recommendations for the private customers.