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The government of the Republic promotes the products of Karelian companies in the domestic and foreign markets

October 18 at the Congress Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation were held a presentation of economic and investment potential of the republic. It was attended by representatives of legislative and executive authorities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Karelia, nonprofit organizations, diplomatic corps, business community, mass media and experts. Marketing Director of "Engineering centre of fire robots technology "FR" Alexander Dreyzis was also in the Karelian delegation. He shared his impressions of a landmark event for the republic.

- Yes, the event has a special significance for promoting of the image of our region, the establishment of new mutually beneficial relations, searching of new business partners for further development and promotion of the Karelian enterprises. It is important to notice that the presentation took place at such a significant business area as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and to remark the fact – quite near its 25th anniversary. It is the center of business activity in our country. I would like to thank the Government of the Republic and the executive staff of the Chamber of Commerce and of the Russian Federation for the opportunity to participate in such a high-profile event.

- Alexander, you not only participated but also held a presentation of your company. What did you make the emphasis on in your speech?

- First of all, I drew attention to the fact that the "Engineering center of fire robots technology "FR" LLC is an innovative company and a leader in Russia and the CIS in the development and production of fire robots, fire monitors and handline nozzles. The “FR” history dates back to year 1984 when the first fire robot developed by the specialists from Karelia was installed to protect the monuments of wooden architecture of the "Kizhi" museum.

The geography of our supplies is the whole territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, China and Bulgaria. We are proud of our realized projects for the protection of hazardous areas and facilities of: cosmodromes, oil and gas industry, thermal, nuclear and hydro-electric power plants and large sports objects. In particular, last year it was implemented the investment project for the production of vandal-proof fire robots for the protection of the "Zenit-Arena" stadium in St. Petersburg.

Thanks to the comprehensive support of the Government of Karelia, hard work and goal orientation of our team in September last year it was possible to open the second phase of the plant with modern equipment, that certainly increased the production capacities of the company and provides its further development.

- What did you and your company gain while participating in the Presentation of the economic and investment potential of the republic?

- First, the presentation of the republic aroused great interest among journalists, representatives of international organizations and experts. The Congress center was full. All presentations were made in one breath and allowed to look at the Karelia from another side: that it is not only the land of lakes and forests, but also a dynamic region where the investors create favorable conditions and offer a variety of projects to be implemented.

As the Head of the Republic of Karelia Alexander Khudilaynen noted, the most promising areas for investment are the projects for intensive development of the natural potential of the region, which, in particular, include the development of deposits of mineral resources, hardwood processing, wooden house construction and development of the hydropower industry.

Secondly, in the center it was able to hold a series of interesting mutually beneficial meetings and discussions. Perhaps they will become our partners. So, the representatives of the «Siemens» company branch in the Northwest Federal District were interested in our company. Their proposal for mutual cooperation concerns the supply of fire alarm equipment from their side. The representatives of the "Toyota" company offered modern technological equipment. The offers are interesting, though not quite fit into the framework of solving the problem of import substitution.

- Third, I hope that my presentation that interested the participants, still finds a continuation in the form of further proposals for cooperation with our company.

In general, I will repeat that such events, both for business and for the whole republic. It is a great opportunity to tell publicly about the Karelia as a unique region, rich not only of beautiful nature, unique culture, historical heritage, but also of modern production plants, which play an important role in many economic sectors of Russia.

The official internet portal of the Republic of Karelia “The Official Karelia”|20.10.2016