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Events in observance of the 35th anniversary of the FR

On June 18, 2019, the Engineering centre of fire robots technology “FR” celebrated the anniversary date, 35 years from the date of creation of the first firefighting robot in Russia.

As part of the anniversary events, a scientific and practical conference “Protection of monuments of wooden architecture” was held.

Prior to starting the conference, guests were shown the latest technical means of fire detection and extinguishing developed by the “FR”, including: firefighting robot mounted on a racing car designed to extinguish the extended object fires: tunnels, corridors, rack storages, etc., where the use of fixed fire suppression systems is expensive and ineffective; water mist firefighting mini robots providing effective protection of crowded places.

At the conference, the issues of regulatory control of provision of fire safety of monuments of wooden architecture, fire protection projects in museums, experience in monuments protection in North-European countries, and the results of fire testing of fire protection systems for monuments of wooden architecture in Denmark, etc.

Presentations at the conference were made by E.A. Meshalkin, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Chamber of Fire and Rescue Industry, S. G. Tsarichenko, Advisor on Innovations and Robotics, OKB “Technika”, L.T. Tanklevsky, General Director of “Holding Gefest” Ltd., Yu.I. Gorban, General Director of “Engineering Centre FR” LLC. The conference was also attended by representatives of the Kizhi Open-Air Museum: V. A. Pridnya, Head of museum’s security service and D. I. Klopot, Chief Engineer, O. V. Sushkova, Head of the fire safety sector of the State Hermitage Museum, A.V. Ovchinnikov, Head of the department of supervisory activities and preventive work of the Emercom in the Republic of Karelia, and Yu.B. Alipova, Head of the Department of the State Committee of the Republic of Karelia for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects.

The practical part of the conference was held in the territory of the Kizhi Open-Air Museum, where the issues of both measures on fire protection of monuments of wooden architecture in the Republic of Karelia as a whole, and the problems and solutions of the Kizhi Open-Air Museum fire protection were addressed. The work of fire protection systems of the Kizhi Pogost ensemble was demonstrated to the participants of the conference.

Following the conference, a resolution was adopted and published in the Fire and Rescue Industry Bulletin No. 271 of July 15, 2019.