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Head of Karelia awards Karelian prize-winners of the international congress exhibition High Technologies. Innovations. Investments.

On April 11, Head of Karelia Andrei Nelidov has presented medals and diplomas to participants of the 17th international exhibition High Technologies. Innovations. Investments.

The 17th international congress exhibition High Technologies. Innovations. Investments. was held in St. Petersburg in March. This exhibition is one of the main events in Russia in the field of promotion of high technologies, innovations, investment projects in the scientific and technical sphere, as well as in provision of effective cooperation between scientific organizations and enterprises with the industry and potential investors. As a matter of fact, the exhibition is called to give a new impulse to innovative activity of industrial enterprises in Russia.

Participants of the 17th congress exhibition were 78 delegations representing both regions of Russia, and various large research institutions, higher technical educarional insitutions and industrial enterprises. Geography of participants is from Khabarovsk Territory up to the Kaliningrad Region.

Karelia at the exhibition was presented by a special stand with information on innovative projects of Petrozavodsk State University, Karelian State Pedagogical Academy, Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science, Engineering Center of Fire Robots Technology FR, Corund, Inc., Northern Mussel, Inc., and other enterprises.

Karelian developments were awarded with top prizes - gold and silver medals of the exhibition and with diplomas of honour which Head of the republic has presented to the winners on April 11. Anticipating the award presentation ceremony, Andrei Nelidov said:

"One of the main strategic tasks of the Government of Karelia is innovative development of economy of the republic. As a whole, Karelia has favorable environment for development of innovations. According to the National Association of Innovations and Information Technology Development (NAIRIT), Karelia has the leading place in the North-West Federal District and is the 18th best among constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the 'environment for development of innovations' rating group. The task for executive bodies is creation of conditions for modernization and for innovations, and to the extent of our financial abilities we are trying to create such conditions."

 In the economically complex 2010 innovative enterprises were allocated more than 15 million roubles of subsidies and grants. This practice, Andrey Nelidov assures, will continue this year, and with essential financial increase.

In turn, founders of innovative and hi-tech projects thanked Head of Karelia, the Government and the Ministry of Economic Development of the republic for substantial financial support and the opportunity to show their advanced development both in Karelia, and beyond.

Starting the award presentation to Karelian prize-winners of 17th international congress exhibition High Technologies. Innovations. Investments, Andrei Nelidov has made a special emphasis that he was filled with admiration presenting medals to such outstanding scientists that work in Karelia.

Gold medals of the exhibition presented by the Head of Karelia were awarded to Petrozavodsk State University for achievements in the field of sensory electronics and to Engineering Center of Fire Robots Technology FR for creation of automatic fire fighting appliances on bolides.

Silver medals are awarded the enterprise of Energy Resource Plus, Inc., for creation improving energy-saving heating equipment and PetrSU for development and introduction of wireless communication facilities.

Five more projects from Karelia were awarded with diplomas of honour of the exhibition. Ministry of Economic Development of the republic was awarded with a diploma for its contribution to development of Russia's research and production complex.

As the ceremony participants have pointed out, the exhibition High Technologies. Innovations. Investments. has shown, that innovative products of great importance for the hi-tech world of today are developed and produced in Karelia. It is important that Karelian exposition and progressive products, many of which are unique, indeed, were interesting to our neighbours from Finland.

"Innovative Karelia is neither a dream, nor a fantasy, it is real," - Rector of Petrozavodsk State University Anatoly Voronin said.