FR Engineering centre of fire robots technology
Fire robots and fire monitors –
the basis for the modern
fire extinguishing


A futuristic stadium for Zenit St Petersburg FC in Russia scheduled for completion this year will also be the home of an innovative fire suppression system. Has the age of the robotic fire brigade finally arrived? Jose Sanchez de Muniain speaks with Yuri Gorban, director general of the Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology (FR) in the city of Petrozavodsk, Karelia, northwest Russia.
Industrial Fire Journal|First quarter 2016 issue no.103
New firefighting solutions based on the use of fire robots (FR), which embodied the latest achievements of science and technology, have greatly extended technical possibilities of automatic fire suppression systems.
Neue Ansätze in der Brandbekämpfung, welche auf dem Einsatz der Feuerlöschroboter (FLR) aufbauen und dem aktuellsten Stand der Technik entsprechen, haben die technischen Möglichkeiten der automatischen Löschanlagen stark erweitert
A rapid development of the electronics and informational technologies in the XXI century, as well as incredible reduce of their price comparing with the hardware specially influences the development of the technical progress. There are great evolutional changes in fire automatics, and fire robots are its integral part. In the century of computer technologies the priority should go to intellectual systems, reacting to the real events, providing self-regulation functions and programmable.
Fire&Explosion Safety.|2012 #9
The FR Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology has elaborated the technical decisions “Automatic installations of fire extinguishing based on fire monitors with oscillators for protection of Russian energetic units”. Particularly there belong the oil-filled power formers, high-voltage equipment and other equipment for outside installation.
Fire safety: science-technical magazine|2012. #2
The Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology FR produces the robotized fire complexes with application of fire robots of explosion proof modification (RFC-Ex) for fire-preventive defense in explosive areas.
The Algorithm of Safety,|2012. #1
New light-musical fountain has opened in Khabarovsk. The colorful light-music fountain show was presented on the opening.
“Petrozavodsk” The weekly newspaper|#47 (1117)/2011, the 24th of November
After the accident occurred with Ukrainian Faina-ship, where the people from Saint-Petersburg were, this theme is especially important for us. The equipment was produced in the Engineering centre of fire robots technology "FR" in Petrozavodsk. The intelligent robot is supplied with powerful water jets - the pirate can't pass throw it. A mighty water impact will wash out the crew from a boat, as far as armament and can sink the whole boat.
"100 TV"-TV channel|27.02.2009 | 20:14
The Head of Russian EMERCOM Sergey Shoigy visited today the Engineering centre of fire robots technology.
From the 26th up to 29th of August in the City of Stavanger on the exhibition ONS-2008, that is the largest in Europe in the field of oil, gas and energy, fire robots from Russia competed for the main prize "The Innovation of the Year". The fact of participation in such prestigious exhibition is an evidence of high quality of production.
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