FR Engineering centre of fire robots technology
Fire robots and fire monitors –
the basis for the modern
fire extinguishing

Product range

Fire robots and robotic fire suppression system
Fire robots are produced in accordance with Russian national standard GOST R 53326-2009 on the basis of fixed water-foam universal fire monitors. They can be program- or remote-controlled, can be supplied with IR-sensors and a video camera. Fire robots are included into robotic fire suppression system. Fire robot is used for fire extinguishing, cooling of building and technological structures, suppression of clouds of toxic or radioactive gases, fume and dust. Fire robots are produced in general industrial, marine and explosion-proof modification.
Fire monitors
Universal (water-foam) fire monitors are made of high-quality stainless steel, could be manually- and remote-controlled, fixed and portable, with upper and lower installation of monitor. In accordance with the customer requirements the fire monitors are equipped with additional devices: oscillators, with self-educting foam nozzles, automatic nozzles, shielding screen devices, with ball socket, butterfly valves with electric drives and lifting and rotating mechanisms of the monitor. The fire monitors are applied for fire extinguishing, cooling of the buildings and technological structures, precipitation of clouds of poisoned or radioactive gases, fumes and dusts.
Handline nozzles
Combined, universal handline nozzles, with manual and automatic adjustment flow rate, adjustable stream spray angle, with swivel base 50 and 70, with flow rate from 2 up to 10 l/sec and from 6 to 15 l/sec. Handline nozzles meet the requirements of GOST R 53331-2009 and TU 4854-004-16820082-08.