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Applications of robotic fire suppression system for protection of various facilities

Scientific and technical center of JSC
Robotic fire suppression system RFSS-12FR-LSD-S20 (15,25)U-IR including 12 firefighting robots with automatic fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing for protection industrial buildings.
Date of realizing: 2019
Nizhny Novgorod Machine-building Plant, buildings ¹5 and ¹ 3, Nizhny Novgorod|escape
Automatic water fire-extinguishing system with application of the robotic fire suppression system (RFSS) based on fire robots FR-LSD-S40 (20) U-IR-TV for protection of the acceptance shop in the buildings No. 5 and No. 3. RFSS is applied for fire suppression or for cooling of the manufacturing equipment and building constructions with a simultaneous signaling about operation and status of the system on the PC in the security room.
Date of realizing: 2016-2017
Cosmodrome Vostochny, launching complex|escape
4 explosion-proof fire robots are mounted directly on the launching pad for cooling of the structures after the launch and elimination of emergency situations during the launch.
Date of realizing: 2016
Robotic fire suppression system with application of 36 fire robots is designed for fire extinguishing a in the stands area with simultaneous signaling on the system operation and its status in the operator’s control room. The fire robots are made in vandal-proof modification and have a protective housing which prevents access to the electrical equipment and control system.
Date of realizing: 2016
Hangar for aircraft at the Minsk National Airport|escape
Automatic fire suppression system with the use of FR-LSD-S60V(20)Ue-IR fire robots 26 pieces in number for the protection of airplane hangar.
Date of realizing: 2014
Hangar for BOEING 737 NG aircraft technical maintenance at the international airport named after Yu. A. Gagarin in Russia, Orenburg city|escape
Automatic system of foam fire extinguishing and water cooling based on fire robots – 12 fire robots.
Date of realizing: 2013
Kurakhovskaya Heat-and-Power Plant (Donetsk region)|escape
14 fire robots FR-LSD-S60U and 6 fire robots FR-LSD-S40U for protection of 7 energy units of heat electric station “Kurakhovskaya” (Donetsk region). Project year: 2010. Work progress: 2011-2012.
Date of realizing: 2012
Ojsc “GOZ Obukhovsky plant”, reconstruction of industrial shops, the City of Saint-Petersburg|escape
Installation of the Robotic fire suppression system RFSS with application of 25 fire robots FR-LSD-S40U-IR and complex control system in industrial shops of industrial buildings No.95. Total area is 30000 m2. The industrial buildings are of 15 to 25 m height, the size of production aisles is from 24 to 36 m.
Date of realizing: 2012
Lugansk HPP (Donetsk region)|escape
Fire robots FR-LSD-S40U (16 pc.) for protection of 6 energy units of Lugansk heat energy station. Project year: 2009. Work progress: 2010-2011.
Date of realizing: 2011
“Plesezk”-launch-vehicle site, test facility|escape
The robotized fire complex with application of fire robots FR-LSD-S60(40)U-IR-TV-Åõ in explosion-proof modification with electric drives of direct current, with marking of explosion proof IExdIIÑT4, with flame annunciators FV312SC with TV-camera. Customer: Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Special construction bureau of fire-preventive defense”
Date of realizing: 2011
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