FR Engineering centre of fire robots technology
Fire robots and fire monitors –
the basis for the modern
fire extinguishing

About company

Director the General  Yury GorbanDirector the General Yury Gorban

 “FR Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology” takes a leading role in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States for fire robots and fire monitors design and manufacture.
The enterprise is an originator of fire robotic technology in Russia as a new line in the automatic fire suppression systems. We have been guarding unique and hazardous facilities and protecting human life and health for 30 years.

Main activities

1. Fire-fighting equipment and its components design and manufacture.
2. Design work on fire protection systems for facilities with the use of fire monitors and fire robots.
3. Fire monitors and fire robots mounting, setting-up and maintenance.
4. Creation and implementation of new equipment and technology for fire protection.
5. Metal construction production.

Origin of the Company

The history of FR (Fire Robots) dates back to 1984, when the first fire robot, developed by engineers from Karelia, was installed to protect wooden architectural monuments at the Kizhi museum. This began a new trend in firefighting techniques.

Fire robots were also employed efficiently during the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident in 1986.

About product

The enterprise specializes in design and manufacture of fire monitors, fire robots and robotic fire suppression system.

FR maintains relations with its customers and partners on principles of mutual respect and confidence. We are considerate to our customers’ needs and desires. We bear responsibility for final results and provide goods and services of high quality.
Our customers are Rosneft, Lukoil, Rosenergoatom, Novororossiysk Commercial Sea Port, Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga and some other companies.

FR draws your attention to a series of innovative products such as robotic fire suppression system hereinafter referred to as «RFSS» which is applied for fire protection of sea ports, shipyards, long-distance ships, tank batteries, logistic centers facilities, hangars for airbuses, turbine islands, heat electropower station halls and almost all structures which have an area of more than 1000 square meters.

The RFSS’s advantage in fire-prevention measures of high-floor buildings is that it is highly effective and economical in comparison with sprinkler systems. One fire robot is able to protect an area of 5000 square meters. Being applied for protection of outside structures RFSS is one of the few choices among advanced technology products. Being part of fire protection system, fire robots are joined by a local area network and operate automatically and in a remote control mode by a operator through a console or a central computer system. A fire robot may be supplied with an IR-scanner for automatic detection of a fire area. This device directs the fire robot at ignition to extinguish it with water or foam. After that a fire robot informs an operator about the result.

The abovementioned characteristics of RFSS make it easy-to-use in operation, effective in fire extinguishing and cooling metalwork, economical in fire protection of large facilities and areas.

RFSS may be integrated into automatic fire alarms of different manufacturers as well as automated control system. Thus they are widely adopted for fire protection in different industrial sectors including automobile industry and metal industry.

Production capacity

During its development, the company has expanded from small products manufacture, involving capacity outsourcing, to large-scale production of a wide range of products in its own manufacturing plants, which are equipped with modern equipment.

Today, the FR Engineering Centre consists of the following:

  • Design Bureau, which includes the design, electrical, and software departments; 
  • Project department; 
  • Testing system that includes a test site and an area for pilot production;
  • Factory for manufacturing fire robots and receiver equipment, including metalworking and welding manufacturing, an assembly and wiring area, as well as technology services, a dispatch department, and an MTS (material-technical supply) department.

The current production of FR Engineering Center is carried out at its own 3 manufacturing sites (3500 m2). Production facilities include modern CNC machining centers manufactured by HAAS Automation Inc. (USA), drilling and gear-milling machines with rotary tables made by DAHLIH (Taiwan), universal milling, threading, and coordinated boring machines, all which allow for the high quality machining of parts.

 The company has a NAKS certificate of qualification for TIG welding, and is equipped with modern welding equipment from ESAB, the leading European manufacturer.

The average number of employees during 2014 was 154, including more than 65 main production workers and 45 engineers and new technology developers (design engineers, designers, programmers, electronic technicians, technology experts, pilot production and testing site workers).

More funds are being invested in the company's own R & D. Of the 150 people on the company's payroll, about 50 are involved in new developments, including employees from the design department, the department of software development, the electrical engineering department, the design department, the technology department, and the site for production testing. The company develops and carries out prospective and current research and development for the Republic of Karelia, and for Russia as a whole.

The key to the company's successful development and leading position on the market of fire robots is its continual scientific research and development activities. Cooperation with the Russian Fire Safety Research Institute, the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the main fire trucks manufacturing plants (in Torzhok and Chelyabinsk) and the company's work with customers from different industries ensure that it can fulfill a wide variety of consumer demands in the creation of new equipment and improvement of already-existing products.


The products are certified in accordance with Russian fire safety standards, the requirements of maritime registers and explosion proofing, under the terms of how each facility is used. The novelty of the company's technical solutions is confirmed by its patents.

Since 2008, the company has been certified for its compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system requirements.

FR Engineering Center is a member of SRO NP Interregional Fire-prevention Association for Systems Designers and has a certificate of admission to work on the drafting of measures to ensure fire safety.

FR Engineering Center is a member of the National Academy of Fire Safety (NAFS), and since 2012 has participated on the Methodological Council for Technical Regulation in the field of fire safety at NAFS.


The client base of the company includes approximately 500 companies from various spheres of industry. The geographical scale of Engineering Center FR LLC’s customers is wide, including a large swath of the Russian Federation from all seven federal districts, as well as customers from CIS countries, Bulgaria and China.