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Type design for protection of inflatable constructions with an approximate square

"Engineering centre of fire robots technology "FR" has elaborated automatic installations of fire robots extinguishing with application of fire robots of base of remote-controlled fire monitors GOST R 51115-97 - robotized fire complexes RFC for protection of inflatable constructions with an approximate square:

  • 1000 sq. m - project 32-05-1-; (13,6 K WinRAR)
  • 3000 sq. m - project 32-05-2-; (13,9 K WinRAR)
  • 7000 sq. m - square 32-05-3-. (600 Kb WinRAR) (600 K WinRAR)

The project 32-05-3- consists of explanatory note, structural electrohydraulic scheme, drawings of technological project part with maps of fire robots watering and maps of fire annunciators control areas.

Type designs are agreed with FSU VNIIPO of Russian EMERCOM and are recommended for application of the analogue units in the letter dated 15.03.2006 under # 43/4.1/567.
The type designs for the concrete units do not require additional negotiations.

During the project affixment the necessary parameters of water supply are being determined for undisturbed operating, and their connection to other engineering systems of the unit as far.
Extinguishing pumping facility, the system of fire announcement, the installation of manual fire annunciators is not provided in consistence of type designs and should be ordered optionally.

Sheme of fire robots instalaition