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Fire robots and fire monitors –
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fire extinguishing

Engineering centre "FR" is exhibiting at the "NEVA-2019"

“Engineering centre “FR” LLC invites you to visit the company's stand at the 15th International Maritime Exhibition and Conference for Civil Shipping, Shipbuilding, Offshore Energy, Ports, Inland and Waterways Oceanography "Neva-2019"  to be held on September 17-20, 2019 in St. Petersburg, at the Convention and Exhibition Centre Expoforum.

Our stand is H1270 (Pavilion H).

At the exhibition the new company developments will be presented:

  • firefighting mini-robots - compact, with flow rates 4, 10 and 15 l/s, with automatic detection and extinguishing of the source of fire, forming water mist streams (WM). The use of WM can significantly increase considerably the efficiency of extinguishing with a reduced amount of water, as well as reduce damage from fire and excessive water.
  • firefighting robots with high flow rates - up to 125 l/s - in the marine version, with automatic detection and extinguishing of fire source.
  • portable fire monitors with ball-socket construction.
  • handline water mist normal pressure nozzles - relevant for extinguishing fires in a limited space.

FR fire monitors and firefighting robots are effective in emergency and rescue operations in coastal marine, lake and river water areas, and can be installed both on fire ships and in the coastal zone to protect the objects that are difficult to access from land. Currently, they are used on the oil platforms of the Caspian Sea, on oil berths and oil terminals of the Baltic and White Seas.

Participation of the “Engineering centre “FR” in the NEVA-2019 exhibition is supported by the Export Support Center of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia in the framework of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

The information about the working hours of the exhibition, location map, etc. can be found on the exhibition website:

To visit the exhibition for free, you need to register online on the website and get a ticket via the link: