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Fire robots and fire monitors
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fire extinguishing

Engineering centre FR is the winner of the Best Innovative Project Contest

"FR" Company took part in the "Securika Moscow" anniversary exhibition held at the Expocentre in Moscow from March 19 to 22 of this year.

At the exhibition stand, new developments of the “FR” were represented to the visitors:

  • firefighting mini robots for the protection of crowded places in various designs: both for administration and industrial buildings;
  • fire monitors with ball socket and foam nozzle LS-S40 (20,30,60) Ush-sk “Cross-Jet” forming a uniform foam with medium expansion foam nozzle using the effect of cavitation;
  • firefighting robot in an explosion-proof version, with an infrared flame detector IP 328/330-1-1 to be used for protection of open objects in explosion hazardous and facilities with fire and explosion-hazardous production, for example, tank farms, loading/unloading railway racks, gas-condensate separators, oil terminals and marine terminals, offshore oil rigs, ammunition depots, etc. 

”FR” was awarded the first place in the “Best Innovative Product” Contest in the “Fire Extinguishing Media and Systems” nomination for the development of an “Automatic fire extinguishing system based on water mist firefighting mini robots with a remote access system”. The system is capable of automatic determination of the coordinates and burning area, carrying out automatic fire extinguishing over the burning area with targeted supply of sprayed or mist water to the source of combustion, monitoring system’s readiness with failure recording, and interacting with remote high-level control systems. High speed of operation, ability to extinguish using the whole flow, flexibility of control combined with high readiness for operation — all this makes it possible to use these systems for the protection of crowded places: shopping and entertainment centers, movie and concert halls, sports and public catering facilities, where other technical means are ineffective.