Practical application of robotic fire suppression systems for the protection of public buildings and structures

A modern public building attracts attention and visitors. All this is due to the unique appearance and internal design, stylish structural and technological concepts, and functionality.

Fire Protection of Machine Halls of Nuclear Power Plants using Multifunctional Robotic Complexes

The problematic issues of the organization of fire extinguishing process in the engine rooms of nuclear power plants are considered. The need of prompt response to the occurrence of combustion source at the initial stage is substantiated. With the existing methods of ensuring fire safety, it is not always possible to achieve
this goal.

Firefighting robots for the protection of offshore production platforms
01 August 2020

Offshore platforms for oil and gas production are complicated technological systems, the successful operation of which largely depends on the provision of their fire safety. A fire hazard with serious consequences determines high requirements to the fire protection equipment, which can be fulfilled using robotic fire suppression systems.

15 July 2019

17 May 2019

Save and preserve the landmarks of wooden architecture
15 February 2019

Federal Law of June 25, 2002 No. 73-ФЗ “On Objects of Cultural Heritage (Historical and Cultural Monuments) of the Peoples of the Russian Federation” defines a system of measures to preserve objects of cultural heritage. But there are no special fire safety standards for such facilities. At the same time, the cost of the most expensive fire protection systems is disproportionately low with the possible loss of historical heritage.

Fire fighting for aircraft hangars. Design Features

Some of the most fire-hazardous facilities of civil aviation enterprises are the hangars of aviation technical bases and aircraft repair buildings of repair plants, intended for the maintenance and repair of aircraft.

Selection of fire extinguishing systems for public buildings and structures

Experts from the companies: SKB "Tensor", MGP "Spetsavtomatika", ITsPR "EFER" and PA "Spetsavtomatika" talk about the peculiarities of choosing and organizing a fire extinguishing system at various facilities with large numbers of people.

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