RFSS robotic fire suppression system is an integrated system with two or more firefighting robots (robotic monitors), combined with a program control and fire detection system. RFSS provides automatic fire extinguishing of buildings, structures and outdoor facilities in various climatic conditions.

Types of robotic fire suppression systems
Detection of an ignition at an early stage in the IR-, IR- UV- and IR-TV- ranges
Detection of the coordinates and area of the fire source in a 3D coordinate system
Extinguishing and cooling of protected facilities using various algorithms
Targeted supply of fire extinguishing agent to the source of fire

Fire containment and elimination;

Fire containment by reducing the rate of increasing of the fire area and the formation of its dangerous factors;

Protection of buildings, their structures and process equipment from thermal radiation by watering (cooling) with fire extinguishing agent streams.

Application area

RFSS is used for protection of industrial and public buildings, high-floored structures and outdoor facilities:

  • hangars for aircrafts and helicopters
  • machinery halls of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants
  • railway and road tunnels
  • production facilities
  • storage facilities, timber storages, oil tank farms
  • long-distance ships
  • railcar loading and unloading racks
  • berths and berth complexes
  • offshore platforms
Regulatory requirements

RUP meet the requirements of GOST R 53326, GOST R 53288 (for RUP-MT), TR CU 004/2011 "On the safety of low-voltage equipment", TR CU 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment", TR CU 020/2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment", TR EAC 043/2017 "On the requirements for fire safety equipment and fire fighting", as well as the requirements of GOST R 51115 regarding LSD.

RFSS is designed in accordance with the requirements of the Codes of practice SP 485.1311500.2020, SP 486.1311500.2020, Russian State standard GOST R 12.3.047 (depending on the protected facility category), Technical specifications TU 4854-005-16820082-2005, other valid regulatory documents and Industry-specific fire safety standards VNPB 39-20. Special technical specifications are not required.

2 or more firefighting robots
The composition and quantity of technical means of RFSS is determined by its purpose and application at a particular facility
The composition and quantity of RUE technical means is determined by its purpose and application at a particular facility
Operating modes
Automatic - targeting of firefighting robots to the fire source is performed without the participation of the operator and is initiated by the fire alarm system, with the possibility of delaying the start and shutdown by the operator in case of a false alarm
Remote - from the remote-control consoles
Manual - by using the manual control lever of the firefighting robot
Start lockout - any control commands coming to the technical equipment of the RFSS are locked out
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