Robotic fire suppression system “FR-Mini” RFSS is an automatic fire suppression system, integrated system with firefighting robots with flow rates from 4 up to 20 l/s, ceiling-installed, with a program control and fire detection system. The system is used for fire containment or/and elimination, as also for cooling of buildings and technological structures, particular area extinguishing.

Automatic detection of a fire source and automatic fire extinguishing at an early stage of fire development
Targeted supply of fire extinguishing agent to the source of fire
Damage minimization from the influence of fire extinguishing agent, in comparison with sprinkler and deluge fire extinguishing systems
Monitoring the state of readiness of the system components
Application area
  • 1st group of premises according to the Code of practice SP 485.1311500-2020: book storage facilities, libraries, circuses, storage of combustible museum valuables, museum depositories, museums and exhibitions, art galleries, concert and cinema halls, computer halls, shopping facilities, administrative buildings, hotels, hospitals;
  • 2nd group of premises according to the Code of practice SP 485.1311500-2020: woodworking, textile, knitwear, textile haberdashery, tobacco, shoe, leather, fur, pulp and paper and print productions; painting, impregnating, mixing preparation, degreasing, conservation and re-preservation facilities, facilities for parts washing with flammable and combustible liquids; wadding, artificial and film materials productions; garment industry; rubber technical products facilities; car service companies; garages and parking lots.

Robotic fire suppression systems with the formation of water mist (WM) are effective for protection of buildings and facilities where it is necessary to minimize the volume of water supplied during fire extinguishing because of a lack of water or when an excessive water application on objects is unacceptable, for example, museums, libraries.

Regulatory requirements

Robotic fire suppression systems are produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 53326-2009 “Firefighting equipment. Robotic suppression systems. General technical requirements. Test methods” and Technical specifications TU 4854-005-16820082-2005.

“FR-Mini” RFSS is designed in accordance with the requirements of the Code of practice SP 485.1311500.2020 “Fire protection systems. Automatic fire extinguishing systems. Design rules and regulations, Section 8” and the Company’s Code STO 1682.0017-2020 (Industry-specific fire safety standards VNPB 39-20) “Robotic fire suppression system. Design rules and regulations». Special technical specifications are not required.

To help the design engineers, the “Engineering centre ‘FR” LLC has developed the following software: “Ballistics” (to determine the effective range of the fire extinguishing agent stream) and the service application “Calculation of Automatic fire suppression system (AFSS) parameters”, which allows minimizing the time spent on complicated calculations. The company's specialists will provide professional advice on the design of RFSS. BIM models for design development are posted on the website.

2 or more firefighting robots
The composition and quantity of technical means of RFSS is determined by its purpose and application at a particular facility.
The composition and quantity of technical means of RFSS is determined by its purpose and application at a particular facility.
Firefighting robots catalogue3
Main settings
Type of fire extinguishing agent

water, water mist, water with wetting agent

Program execution cycle time

no more than 60 s

Number of firefighting robots


The number of fire sources that are simultaneously extinguished during the RFSS operation


RFSS operating modes

- automatic,
- remote,
- manual,
- start lockout

Operation algorithms

- extinguishing of load-bearing structures and/or process facilities;
- detection and extinguishing of the fire source;

Extinguishing methods

- positional extinguishing of the predetermined zones;
- contour extinguishing of the predetermined objects;
- positional extinguishing of fire sources detected with the FR fire targeting detectors.

Power supply

400/230V 50Hz from the automatic transfer switch

RFSS response time

from the "Alarm" signal to the start of fire extinguishing, no more than 20 s

Extinguishing intensity, l/(s∙m2)

not less than normalized in accordance with the current regulatory documents, incl. the requirements of the
Code of practice SP 485.1311500.2020, the Company’s Code STO, Special technical specifications STU for the protected facility

Operating modes
Automatic – targeting of firefighting robots to the fire source is performed without the participation of the operator and is initiated by the fire alarm system, with the possibility of delaying the start and shutdown by the operator in case of a false alarm
Remote – from the remote-control consoles
Manual – by using the manual control lever of the firefighting robot
Start lockout any control commands coming to the technical equipment of the RFSS are locked out
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