Executed design works:

  1. Development of design and estimate documentation for automatic fire-extinguishing systems for high-floored and air-supported structures, fuel and lubricant and highly inflammable liquid storages and with application of robotic complexes RFSS, fire extinguishing systems for loading and unloading racks and berth complexes using remote-controlled monitors LSD or monitors with oscillating devices.
  2. Design works on the other types of automatic fire-extinguishing systems, including modular and automatic fire alarm systems.
    In addition to the main activities, the Engineering сentre "FR" renders the following services:
    - for project organizations - selection of the best option for application of the equipment produced by the Engineering centre "FR" LLC and projects support;
    - for direct customers – assistance during selection and recommendations on the installation of fire monitors for the facility protection.
  3. Below are the examples of implemented projects in recent years, as well as individual design solutions for the protection of various objects.
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