FR Engineering centre of fire robots technology
Fire robots and fire monitors –
the basis for the modern
fire extinguishing
Field of application

Fire robot

Fire robot under GOST R 53326-2009 "Robotized installations of fire extinguishing" is automatic installation, which manipulates fire monitor in spherical coordinate system on base of remote-controlled fire monitor with fixed or mobile installation, with ignition disclosure device and program control, it replaces a fireman in dangerous for life areas,. Robot means to extinguish and localize technological equipment and buildings in protected unit. Produced fire robots differ with huge protected area, they have a baseline network, and water or foam is supplied by air. Fire robots can be supplied with IR-scanners for automatic ignition disclosure and TV-cameras for video control.

Manufactured production

About company

“FR” Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology LLC. is on the leading place in Russia and CIS for elaboration and manufacturing of fire robots GOST R 53326-2009 and fire monitor technology GOST R 51115-97. Nowadays the enterprise manufactures more than 200 articles of the fire technology under GOST R 51115-97.Elaboration of articles on the enterprise is made in the construction bureau in complex: in mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and programming. The production is certified in a system of fire safety standard and GOST R, meets the requirements of marine register and explosion proof in accordance to application units, and the quality management system is certified for the international quality standard ISO-9001:2008. The articles are made on the international standard level; the novelty of technical decisions is proved by patents.