Robotic fire suppression system based on firefighting robots of vandal-proof design, with a lifting mechanism for fire protection of the ice arena.

The robotic fire suppression system RFSS-8FR-LSD-S20(15,25)U-IR-UV-TV based on firefighting robots with a flow rate of 20 l/s is designed to detect and extinguish a fire in automatic mode, and includes: IR-UV fire targeting detectors, a TV camera in a vandal-proof enclosure, a lifting mechanism, an is completed with a protective housing with an automatic opening mechanism.

In a standby mode, the firefighting robots are fully protected in a special vandal–proof housing which prevents access to the electrical equipment and control system. In case of receipt of the “Alarm” signal the robot is moved into a working vertical position and starts searching and extinguishing the source of fire.

Facility address
Кемеровская область, Новокузнецк, проспект Строителей, 24
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