Installation Supervision

Technical guidance and supervision over the implementation of construction and installation works, control over the compliance with the supplier’s (manufacturer’s) requirements as to the installation of fire safety system equipment, as well as resolution of technical issues arising in the process of construction and installation works execution.

Монтажные работы

Performance of a work package comprising of the assembly and installation of fire safety system equipment, including robotic fire suppression systems, fire monitors with remote and manual control, technological, power, pumping and other equipment, works on installation of fire extinguishing agent supply line to the equipment, cables, electrical and communication wires laying, pulling and installation, as well as the installation quality inspection.


Performance of a set of measures, including fire safety system equipment inspection, adjustment and testing to be carried out in order to ensure the operability of each piece of equipment and the entire unit and aimed at ensuring that the installed equipment complies with the design documentation and manufacturer's instructions.


Execution of a set of technological operations and organizational activities aimed at maintaining the fire safety system equipment in working and serviceable condition, as well as the provision of consulting services to the customer as to its operation and application.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring means the installation of remote monitoring systems that allow specialists of “Engineering centre “FR” LLC to monitor the condition of fire safety system equipment in real time in order to detect any malfunctions and other events related to its operation in a timely manner.

Technical Support

Assistance to customers in resolving issues related to the installation, adjustment, operation, maintenance and repair of fire safety systems manufactured by “Engineering centre “FR” LLC.

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