Selection of fire extinguishing systems for public buildings and structures

Experts from the companies: SKB "Tensor", MGP "Spetsavtomatika", ITsPR "EFER" and PA "Spetsavtomatika" talk about the peculiarities of choosing and organizing a fire extinguishing system at various facilities with large numbers of people.

What is the peculiarity of places with large numbers of people as objects that must be equipped with fire extinguishing systems? What regulatory documents should be used when choosing fire extinguishing installations for facilities with large numbers of people? What types of facilities impose special restrictions on the use of fire extinguishing installations? What fire extinguishing systems will be most optimal for places with large numbers of people - shops, restaurants, banks, hotels? What requirements should be followed when choosing fire extinguishing systems for social institutions - hospitals, schools, kindergartens? What features of cultural objects - museums, galleries, libraries - should be taken into account when choosing a fire extinguishing system?

The full version of the article in English is available upon request. 


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