Fixed universal water/foam fire monitor, with remote control, with flow rates of 70, 80, 90, 100, 125 l/s,  with direct current electric drives, with II Gb c IIC T5 X, III Db c IIIC T90° C X explosion-proof marking.

The fire monitor is applied for formation of straight and dispersed streams of fire extinguishing agent with adjustable spray angle.

The explosion-proof fire monitors are used in explosion hazardous areas for fire suppression or water cooling of outdoor or indoor equipment, for example, oil tank farms, railcar loading/unloading racks, gas-condensate separators, oil terminals and marine berths, oil offshore platforms, ammunition storage facilities etc.

Application area: explosion hazardous zones of Categories 1, 2 in accordance with GOST IEC 60079-10-1-2011, and explosion hazardous zones of Categories 21. 22 in accordance with GOST IEC 60079-10-2-2011, in accordance with explosion-proof marking of GOST 31441.1-2011.

Name of parameters
70 80 90 100 125
Nominal pressure, MPa 0,8
Operating pressure range, MPa 0,4-1,0
Flow rate of water (foam agent solution), l/s 70 80 90 100 125
Stream range (outermost) at nominal pressure, m, not less than::
- straight water stream 87 89 95 100 105
- dispersed (at a stream discharge angle of 30°) 51 53 58 61 65
- straight foam 70 74 81 85 86
Angle range of a dispersed water stream, degrees 0-90
Working area of monitor rotation, degrees:
- horizontal 345
- vertical up +90 to -45
Explosion proof marking -
Electric supply voltage, V -
Installed capacity, W 2х41, 1х12
Сlimatic category in accordance with GOST 15150-69 UkhL 1
Weight, kg, not more than 55
Useful information

Remote-controlled fire monitors (LSD) with direct current electric drives are completed with explosion-proof control boxes CB-Ex EDD.2 and butterfly valves with electric drives BVE.

Certificates All certificates

Products: Water-foam fire monitors, universal, with manual and remote control, stationary, portable, trailer-mounted (including construction versions: low - "n", ball-socket - "b", explosion-proof - "Ex") of LS, LSD types, are manufactured in accordance with the Technical specifications TU 4854-003-16820082-2008 with amendment 7.

The products comply with the requirements of the Technical regulations TR EAEU 043/2017 "On the requirements for fire safety and fire extinguishing equipment".

Certificate validity period: from 06.07.2021 till 06.06.2026.

Certificate of conformity for explosion-proof fire monitors LS, LSD, FR-LSD. Explosion-proof marking is in accordance with the appendix. The products are manufactured in accordance with the Technical specifications TU 4854-008-16820082-2015 "Explosion-proof fire monitor monitors" and the manufacturer's technical documentation for operation in explosive environment in accordance with the requirements of the Technical regulations TR CU 012/2011.

Certificate validity period: from 19.11.2020 till 18.11.2025.

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