Name of parameters
Swivel Base, DN 65
Nominal pressure, MPa 0,6
Operating pressure, MPa 0,4-0,6
Flow rate of water (foam agent solution), l/s -
Range of flow rate of water (foam) stream , l/s, not less than 4-15
Stream range (outermost) at maximum pressure, m, not less than:
- straight 45
- dispersed (at a stream discharge angle of 40°) 20
- foam -
Angle range of a dispersed water stream, degrees 0-120
Shielding screen stream diameter, m, not less than 6
Foam expansion ratio, not less than 9
Сlimatic category in accordance with GOST 15150-69 У1, УХЛ 1.1, ОМ1
Overall dimensions of the handline nozzle, mm, not more than 320
Weight, kg, not more than 2,5
Certificates All certificates

Products: Combined universal handline nozzles RSKU-20HP, RSKU-20WM, are manufactured in accordance with the Technical specifications TU 4854-007-16820082-2015 with amendment No. 3 "Handline nozzles RSKU-20HP, RSKU-20WM. Technical specifications". Serial production.

Certificate validity period: from 30.11.2021 till 30.11.2026

Products: combined universal handline nozzles RSKU-50A, RSKU-50A-FA, RSKU-50A-FA "Flush", RSKU-70A, RSKU-70A-FA, RSKU-50Ae

Certificate validity period: from 18.10.2022 till 18.10.2027.

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