Warranty Obligations

The main condition for the provision of warranty obligations is the operation of the equipment for its intended purpose in accordance with the technical documentation and operating instructions. At that, maintenance should be carried out mandatorily, if it is provided for in the attached equipment data sheet/operation manual, and only high-quality original consumables should be used.

The manufacturer's warranty period is indicated in the product data sheet.

“Engineering centre “FR” LLC reserves the right to refuse warranty service in case of non-compliance with the conditions of equipment operation or storage.

Warranty service is not provided in the following cases:

  • operating conditions do not meet the requirements set out in the operating instructions;
  • no periodic maintenance is carried out in accordance with the instructions or technical recommendations for the equipment;
  • seals on devices and units are damaged or broken;
  • there are significant mechanical damages caused through the fault of the Buyer;
  • repair, modification or other intervention of third parties has been made without the consent of the equipment manufacturer;
  • parts are out of order due to technical wearing, or they are life-limited parts;
  • consumables have been used that do not meet the requirements set forth in the equipment operating instructions;
  • the equipment serial numbers have been removed, erased or changed, the nameplate is missing, and also if the data or parts do not match the purchased equipment;
  • there are foreign items or materials inside the equipment;
  • the power supply network parameters do not correspond to those specified in the technical documentation for the equipment;
  • damage of the equipment or its component parts due to poor-quality installation or commissioning carried out by the workforce and means of the Buyer/a third party engaged by the Buyer.

Information about Complaints

Claims are accepted for consideration if drawn up in writing, with the indication of the information necessary for product identification: serial number/nameplate photo, or product data sheet in its absence, and the nature of the defect (e-mail:support@efer.pro ). The Customer's claim is qualified as a complaint, if it proves an objective discrepancy between the quality of product (service) and the terms of the contract, State standards, specifications, and completeness during the warranty period. If the claim is recognized as a non-warranty case (expiration of the warranty period, violation of the operating instructions, etc.), it is considered according to routine procedure, after coordination of the period and cost of works under the claim with the consumer.


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