CB-CCD central control device control box is the master control device for the hardware components (HWC) of the robotic fire suppression system (RFSS)

CB-CCD functioning is determined by the device software, as well as by the configuration information loaded into the non-volatile memory of the CB-CCD.

For CB-CCD setting, "RFSS configuration" software is used. The operation of CB-CCD is carried out in accordance with the pre-settings (according to the working documentation of the fire suppression system).

CB-CCD control box
Name of parameters
Power supply category from ATS panel
Rated supply voltage 220 V 50 Hz
Total power consumption, not more than, W 70
Control bus::
- control bus standard RS485
- transmission rate, bit/s 57600
- exchange mode half-duplex
- full RS-485 cable length, km 1,5
Discrete inputs/outputs:
- number of discrete inputs/outputs 8/8
- switching capacity of outputs, V/A ~250/ 6
Ingress protection rating of the enclosure in accordance with GOST14254-96 IP31
Сlimatic category in accordance with GOST 15150-69 U3
Operation temperature range, °/С up -10 to + 60
Overall dimensions, not more than, mm 430х300x220
Weight, kg, not more than 17
Useful information

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