CB-NC network controller control box is designed to organize a control and communication bus for the following hardware components (HWC) of a robotic fire suppression system (RFSS):

  • - CB-CCD central control device control box
  • - robotic fire monitors in general industrial modification;
  • - BP-2R power supply units;
  • - BE-type butterfly valves with electric drive;
  • - PDU-P remote control console control unit;
  • - RCU radio channel unit with PDU-R radio remote control console;
  • - KUP-1 foam solution level controllers;
  • - CB-Ex EDD/CB-1B7-UI.

RS-485 control bus standard. Organization variant: a bus providing for redundancy and allowing the retention of operability in the event of a single communication line break. The beginning and end of the line are connected to two ports CB-NC.

CB-NC control box
Name of parameters
Ingress protection rating of the enclosure in accordance with GOST14254-96 IP55
Сlimatic category in accordance with GOST 15150-69 U3
Power supply category -
Rated supply voltage 220 В 50 Гц
Maximum power consumption, not more than, W 50
Control bus::
- control bus standard RS-485
- transmission rate, bit/s 57600
- exchange mode half-duplex
Performance parameters::
Operation temperature range, °/С up -20 to +50
Storage temperature, °С up -45 to +50
Overall dimensions, not more than, mm 330x250х170
Weight, not more than, kg 4
Useful information

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