The latest robotic fire fighting complex is tested at Kalininsk NPP

According to Valery Kharevsky, the Project Manager for the creation of an innovative system, it is designed for preventive monitoring, automatic detection of fires and fire suppression control without the direct participation of people.

The use of robotic means with elements of artificial intelligence in the device made it possible to significantly expand the technical capabilities and fire suppression technology. Thus, the system scans the room not only by temperature, but also by the content of combustible gases in the air, including hydrogen. In addition, robots themselves determine the necessary extinguishing mode, taking into account the type of initiating event, the dynamics of the emergency and the stock of fire extinguishing agents.

This system uses compression air foam to extinguish fires. It covers the burning surface and forms a dense foam coating that does not allow oxygen to penetrate. Due to this, burning stops almost instantly, thus significantly reducing the time for fire extinguishing.

As Aleksey Solovyov, the Head of the Fire Safety Department of the Kalinin NPP noted, the integrated engine room of the first stage of the nuclear power plant will become a pilot site for the implementation of the innovative project, where the complex will be integrated into the existing fire extinguishing system.

"Having implemented the complex at the production, we will multiply the fire resistance of building and supporting structures, minimize the probability of damage to process equipment, protect the personnel of the enterprise and fire departments from the effects of fire hazards," said Alexey Solovyov.

Information and Public Relations Department of Kalinin NPP

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